Why I don’t believe in writer’s block

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When people talk about “writer’s block”—or depict it in television or movies—it’s treated like some mysterious ailment that descends without warning, effectively paralyzing the writer for no obvious reason.

Or perhaps for reasons that are a little TOO obvious: The writer has suddenly become insecure about their abilities…

or is stymied by their fear of failure (often with a second book)…

or is facing a terminal case of envy due to a colleague’s success.

Any of those things can pose impediments to your progress with a novel, for sure.

But 9 times out of 10, I’ve found, these sorts of issues aren’t what holds writers back from writing—and they have nothing to do with why it is that work that was going just SWIMMINGLY a few days ago suddenly feels like trying to slog through 500 miles of mud.

The truth is, writers don’t just get stuck because they’re battling their inner demons.

They get stuck because they don’t know enough about their stories.

This tends to manifest in 3 key ways, which I’ve explored in my latest post for Jane Friedman. You’ll find the full article here.

If you’ve been beating yourself up about not being able to write, I hope this post inspires a little more kindness toward yourself—and a little more insight into your current WIP!

On the other hand…are you on track to actually finish your current WIP by this fall? If so, go, you! 

If you’re interested in working with me on a full manuscript evaluation, I have slots opening up in September and October. Tell me about your work, and let’s see if we’re a fit. 

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