Where are you in your novel writing journey?

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It’s been nearly a decade in the making, so friends, please join me in celebrating one of those little victories in the writer’s journey: as of last week, I finished the final edits on my short story collection and sent it out the door.

“Final edits” as in, final until probably the next time I let myself take a peek at it again, and decide some hard-won word choices are all wrong, or some sentence has no business being there at all, or “what was I thinking when I inserted this comma?”—but you get the idea.

And “out the door” as in, I sent the collection out to a few contests offered by publishers, and created a calendar of other such competitions and open reading periods to submit to yet this spring.

But you get the idea: writing this collection took me a long-ass time, and it’s finally ready to share with the world. (Here’s hoping publishers agree!).

This means I now find myself at the extreme OTHER end of the writing process—dreaming up new work, and beginning the process of outlining a new novel.

To say this process uses a different part of the brain is an understatement. Just a few days ago I was agonizing over whether I actually needed to note whether a character said goodbye or if that would just be implied from the context, whereas today…

…I find myself actually trying to figure out what happens in my story, and why.

If you’ve been with me a while, you know that my intention is always to be incredibly useful to you in your journey as a writer—whether or not you ever wind up working with me in a paid capacity.

So all of this really led me to wonder: Where are you at in your journey as a writer?

You, as in the person subscribed to this newsletter—the person who’s taking the time out of your busy day to read these words, presumably in the hopes of gleaning something helpful to you in that epic journey.

Are you in the idea/planning stages?

Sweating to get that first draft on the page?

Five or ten years in, still wondering if you need more revisions?

Close to the finish line and wondering what sort of publishing path makes the most sense for your book?

Wherever you are with your work-in-progress, I’d appreciate it if you took the time to fill out this quick, 3-question survey I’ve prepared—so the content I share in this newsletter over the coming months can be tailored in such a way that it’s incredibly useful to you.

Here’s that link again, where you can fill out the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X9M3S79

I still have an opening for one new book-coaching client and one full manuscript evaluation starting April 1.

Interested? Fill out my new client questionnaire, so I can see if we’re a fit for your project—or get a feel for what it’s like to work with me by starting with Your First 50 Pages.

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