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I sign a lot of online petitions. Maybe you do too. This last week, I’ve signed petitions demanding clean water for Puerto Rico (because though it has been months since Hurricane Maria, thousands still lack access to electricity and basic services, including clean drinking water) and denouncing Trump’s Interior Department for its plans to open up nearly all US waters … Read More

5 Classic Novels for the Revolution: Southwest Edition

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In my latest for Litreactor, I explore the results of our recent election and the books–including classics by Ed Abbey and Barbara Kingsolver–that will help you make sense of the years to come. “On Wednesday, November 9, 47.7 percent of the voting populace woke up with the worst hangover in history; 47.5 percent of the voting populace woke up ready … Read More

Friday Roundup: Trump Days by George Saunders

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I admire George Saunders as an author not just for his immense artistry but for his moral vision–one that, to my mind, always seeks to balance empathy for the individual with a clear-eyed critique of society. Who better to assess the state of the Union in this immensely divisive election year? Apparently, the New Yorker felt the same, because they … Read More