How to Tell If You Have What It Takes to Succeed as a Writer

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As a freelance editor, I work with all kinds of different writers—from those racing to make the tight publishing timelines set by their publishers to those who are just starting off on their journey. Sometimes I’m the very first person a writer has ever shown their manuscript to. Sometimes I’m the first person they’ve ever shown their writing to at … Read More

Men on the internet being wrong

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It wasn’t so long ago that I shared with my newsletter, a comment left by a Man Who Shall Not Be Named on a recent article of mine for Jane Friedman‘s blog, in which he (man)splained why taking a stand for what you believe in your fiction was impossible without committing the sin of Bad Art. I couldn’t disagree more–and … Read More

Decolonizing the Imagination: Some Thoughts on Critique and Feedback

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Good editorial feedback can make a huge difference in a writer’s life. Bad editorial feedback can make a huge difference too, and not in a good way. A post I wrote for, “How to Spot Toxic Feedback,” has generated a lively conversation–so many people have had to muddle their way through inept, misguided, and sometimes even nastily personal feedback … Read More