New Year, New Project!

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One year ago, I launched a Patreon campaign to support the launch of my debut novel, Hot Season.

Now–365 days, 12 book events, and 1 book tour later–I’m embarking on a new adventure: Dream Studies.

These 12 speculative tales will blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy while intersecting with issues related to race, gender, class, and the environment.

One of these stories has already been published (in a recent anthology from Forest Avenue Press). But some of them are BRAND NEW–on these, I’ll be seeking your input, which I put to work in my revisions. (I’ll share those too!)

As my Patreon supporter, you’ll share in the journey to publication as well (with tips for revising and submitting).

This is your chance to see how an editor edits her own work–and how a working writer becomes a published author.

Specific influences for these stories include:

Kelly Link

Shirley Jackson

Edger Allen Poe

Aimiee Bender

Gabriela Garcia Marquez

If you enjoy the work of these authors, chances are, you’ll like these stories.

If you’re new to my Patreon campaign, please consider supporting me as an emerging author for as little as $1/month. And if you’re a patron who came on board to support the launch of Hot Season, I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure as well!



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