Hot Season: The Official Northwest Book Launch at Powell’s

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On Sunday, January 15th, I had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of my debut novel at the greatest indie in all the land, Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon.

This event, which was postponed a month earlier due to snow, was nearly postponed again, for the same reason. But in the end, around 70 hardy souls came out to support the launch, and I am forever grateful to them.

My appreciation also goes out to Powell’s small press curator, Kevin Sampsell, as well as to Dianah Hughley for making Hot Season a Staff Pick (and including it on a beautiful end cap of local authors) and to Mark Savage, for a great introduction.

Fun fact: There are two sizes of carved wooden “books” for authors to stand on when presenting at the Powell’s podium, depending on their height, a thin book and a thick one. I got the thick one, which I’ll forever think of as the telephone book (showing my age, I know)–but not, as Mark pointed out, “the Ursula Le Guin,” which is both books, stacked on top of one another. =)


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