Hot Season Now Available for Preorder!

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It’s still two months until the official launch date for my debut novel, Hot Season, but as of today, the book is now available for preorder. Hurray!

Those of you who favor e-readers will find the Kindle edition available for preorder here.

Those of you committed to good old fashioned print will find the print edition available for preorder here.

Why should you bother to preorder? I’m so glad you asked.

  1. Preordering is an easy way to make sure you get the book when it comes out–without having to remember to order it later.
  2. Preorder sales count toward first-week sales, which play a big part in best seller lists. (And because Hot Season is a debut novel being published by a small press, strong preorder sales are my book’s best bet at winding up within five miles of such a list.)
  3. Strong preorder sales help to cut the stress for an author in launching her first book. (It’s nice to know that even if a bookstore event winds up being a total bust, there are still people out there who want to read your work!)

And, finally, my favorite thing about preordering a book: when it arrives in the mail, inevitably, it feels like Christmas. =)

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