Earth Day 2020: Endless Summer

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This year, in honor of Earth Day 2020, I’m sharing a new poem and a creative writing prompt.

The poem is called “Endless Summer,” and in it, I’m attempting to grapple with the enormous differences between how I’ve seen the season of summer, growing up, and the way I’ve begun to see it, in the face of climate change.

In the old world, summer is the season of ease after the season of hardship, winter. But in the world that’s taking shape–the world of our future, and our children’s future–summers will be longer, hotter, and drier, beset by wildfire and drought. Summer will be the season of hardship.

Like so many things about climate change, this is simply hard for us to wrap out heads around–which is why today, over at The Daily Dose: Feminist Voices in Support of a Green New Deal, we’re offering a series of writing prompts designed to help harness the power of the human imagination in grappling with climate change. You can check them all out here.

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