Cover (Re)Reveal! Dispatches from Anarres

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I’m thrilled to share the all-new cover of my next book, DISPATCHES FROM ANARRES! We received some feedback from sales reps at PGW that the original cover skewed too “hard sci fi” for this anthology, so my designer at Forest Avenue Press, Gigi Little, went back to the drawing board on this Le Guin tribute anthology and hit it out of the park.

To say I love the new cover for DISPATCHES FROM ANARRES would be an understatement. Which isn’t to say I didn’t love Cover #1, but this image has a much more feminist vibe, and such a sense of wonder at the cosmos, at the natural world. I love the implication that the woman on the cover is actually standing on Anarres, the rebel moon from Le Guin’s THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS and looking up at the old home planet, Urras–the seat of empire, of capitalist power. This being an anthology from Portland, yet another sort of outpost, in some ways looking at the dominant culture and seeking alternatives. It’s such an implied shift in perspective, and it feels so resonant with Le Guin’s body of work.

Gigi wrote a post about her creative process with this cover over at her blog, which has been super fun to read.

DISPATCHES FROM ANARRES drops this November. If you want to stay posted on it, sign up for my newsletter, where I’ll be sharing preorder info, launch events both virtual and (hopefully!) in person, and more.

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