The Goldilocks Principle of Interiority

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There are a lot of things in life where either too much or too little won’t work, and when it comes to fiction, interiority is definitely one of them. When I talk about interiority, I’m talking about what happens inside the point-of-view (POV) character, as opposed to what happens in the external world of the story. This might take the … Read More

A Book What?

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Tell people you’re a book coach and you’ll get some questions: What is that, exactly? And what’s the difference between book coaching and editing? I get these questions a lot—at least I did, when I was allowed to leave the house—so I thought I’d speak to them here.  Editing is that old-school thing wherein someone reads your manuscript and provides … Read More

The One Thing Your Novel Absolutely Must Do

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Start in the middle. Get all the important characters on the page in the first chapter. Reveal what the protagonist wants. Reveal the protagonist’s vulnerabilities. Establish what’s at stake. There are a whole lot of books on the craft of fiction out there, and it can feel like every one of them makes the case for one thing your book must do … Read More