Patreon 2020: Myth, Magic, and Memory

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Over the years since my first book launched, Patreon has proven critical to my process as a writer, spurring me to hit a major milestone at the end of 2019: the first draft of my short story collection, Dream Studies. This year, as I revise these stories, I’m cracking open the tales that inspired them and exploring some fascinating new … Read More

How to Tell If You Have What It Takes to Succeed as a Writer

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As a freelance editor, I work with all kinds of different writers—from those racing to make the tight publishing timelines set by their publishers to those who are just starting off on their journey. Sometimes I’m the very first person a writer has ever shown their manuscript to. Sometimes I’m the first person they’ve ever shown their writing to at … Read More

Dispatches = Dispatched!

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No one but me had ever read this thing, and I felt like I was bursting with it. Did the organizational principles work, the quotes from Le Guin? Did it begin and end in the right way? Was it, in fact, as brilliant as I thought it was?

New Stories, New Structures

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New structures allow for new kinds of stories. Stories that mimic the aftermath of trauma, for example, via a spiralling sort of narrative that addresses the same incident from multiple angles.