Just one reader (the right one)

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When many of us start out as writers, our goal with publishing is to have our work read (and loved) by lots of people—the more the better. And certainly, that’s the dream. But lately, I’ve been struck by the power of having your work read and appreciated by just one person—the right one. I’m sending this your way as I’m celebrating … Read More

Your Identity as a Writer

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This week I’m celebrating one of those little wins in the writing life: An acceptance from StoryQuarterly. This is for a story from my collection, Dream Studies, which is currently out on submission—and while other stories in the collection have been published in some lovely places, this acceptance marks the largest and most established market I’ve cracked thus far with … Read More

How to Tell If You Have What It Takes to Succeed as a Writer

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As a freelance editor, I work with all kinds of different writers—from those racing to make the tight publishing timelines set by their publishers to those who are just starting off on their journey. Sometimes I’m the very first person a writer has ever shown their manuscript to. Sometimes I’m the first person they’ve ever shown their writing to at … Read More