When one door shuts…

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Two painted doors face the viewer. The one on the left is red with a tree and the one on the right is blue.

We all know the saying: When one door closes, another one opens. Last month, I shared that I’d received some tough news from a colleague on my new novel–news that it wasn’t nearly as far along as I’d thought. Many of you wrote to share your appreciation for my honesty in sharing this, for the vulnerability in it. Some of … Read More

I wish I’d done this a LOT sooner…

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sign that says "Endure" in yellow capital letters

In my latest post for Jane Friedman, I wrote about the writerly quality of grit, and three ways that it’s critical to getting over the finish line with publishing—which is something I’ve experienced myself recently, in a deeply personal way. Last week, I sent my novel-in-progress off to my fellow book coach and Julie Artz for a manuscript evaluation. And friends, though it … Read More

Crystal Vision

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binoculars looking at a sunset

Last month, I shared a big vision of mine: an online alternative MFA program specifically for people writing socially engaged fiction. Since then, I’ve had a number of clients write to me in a panic, wondering if I will still offer book coaching and editing services, and the answer is yes, absolutely! Workshops Against Empire is just another way I’ll … Read More

Imagination is our most precious resource

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a gold ring in the center that looks like a portal with the shadow of a person in the center

If you’d shared that sentiment with me ten years ago, no doubt I would have agreed—I’m a writer, an artist, a creative professional—but deep down, perhaps I would have wondered: Precious? As in, scarce? All my life, I’ve been bursting with ideas—story ideas and business ideas. Ideas of all types. The products of my imagination have never felt like a … Read More