A Little Bird Told Me

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Like over a million Americans this weekend, I attended a March for Our Lives rally, protesting gun violence in America and calling on our elected officials for stricter gun laws. And while it’s true that I have been involved in activism of some sort since my undergraduate years (like the characters in my novel Hot Season), I do not enjoy … Read More

The Women’s March and the Arts: Benediction for the Artist in a Time of War

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Yesterday, *rump had his inauguration parade–though not, apparently, the North Korean-style extravaganza he would have preferred, and apparently not the number of attendees he would have preferred either. Today, over 500,000 women are expected to descend upon D.C., and upon cities around the country as well, to protest his policies. Needless to say, it’s strange to be watching all of … Read More

Susan DeFreitas’s Dedication

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At the time I’m sitting here writing–Friday morning, November 4th, 2016–people from all over this country have converged on North Dakota in an effort to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. Many of those people are Native Americans, whose ancestors endured the very worst colonialism had to offer. All of them are risking arrest to be there; many of them are … Read More

Protest Poem #2: On Behalf of Whales

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Last week was the closest I have ever come–my husband and I stood watching along the Pacific coast as three or four whales turned flips, close enough for us to see bumps and barnacles, glistening. * Friends, let us not consent to despair. * Let us not give up on the Great Barrier Reef, on the songbirds, the bees, and the … Read More