Some Thoughts on “Self-Promotion”

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I’m generally not into offering criticism of anyone but politicians on the Internet. But this post, entitled, “Try Hard in Clown Shoes,” mystifies me, and perhaps my thoughts here might be useful to other debut authors faced with the task of self-promotion. The author of this article seems to hold that promoting your own work is embarrassing at least and … Read More

Friday Roundup: Trump Days by George Saunders

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I admire George Saunders as an author not just for his immense artistry but for his moral vision–one that, to my mind, always seeks to balance empathy for the individual with a clear-eyed critique of society. Who better to assess the state of the Union in this immensely divisive election year? Apparently, the New Yorker felt the same, because they … Read More

Friday Roundup: I Believe in Love

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Friends, I’ve been sitting on this one because I had a strong feeling we were going to need it to get us through this Very Historic Week of Deeply Alarming Shit (see #Orlando, #Brexit). Here’s the one and only Lucky Brown with the Polyrhythmics laying down a barnburner of epic proportions, “I Believe in Love.” Turn the volume up, sing … Read More