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When I was younger, we used to celebrate the day after Thanksgiving as “Buy Nothing Day”–a protest against the mindless consumerism of the Christmas season.

These days, I do my best to practice conscious consumerism, purchasing secondhand whenever possible, and from ethical companies when it’s not–and though I don’t believe conscious consumerism will save the world (if only it were that simple!), I’ve come to see that every time we spend money, we really are investing in something, whether we realize it or not.

That’s why I’ve decided to make it easy for you to invest in yourself as a writer this year, by dropping the price on my First 50 consults.

These consults include:

  • A detailed assessment form designed to get to the heart of your vision for your book, as well as your publishing goals for it
  • A professional review of the first 50 pages of that book
  • Feedback on those first 50 pages from the point of view of a publishing pro
  • Recommendations for the next steps to take in order to make your vision for your book, and your publishing goals for it, a reality

More to the point: This assessment will give you a sense for if your project is ready to pitch, and if not, what you’ll need to address in revision before you do.

The price on these consults is usually $299, but from now until next Monday, Nov. 28, I’m dropping that price to $199.

Why I’m doing this

>>What with inflation and all, I know money is tight for a lot of us right now, so it seemed fitting to drop these consults back to my 2019 price (don’t you wish we could drop EVERYTHING back to 2019 prices?).

>> In the last few years, my business has taken off, to the point where I’m increasingly booked out, at a price point that reflects the in-depth work I do for my editing and coaching clients. These First 50 consults are a way for me to help more writers than I otherwise could, at a significantly lower price point.

>> For the past six months or so, I’ve been challenging myself to do new things, and yeah…I never in a million years thought I’d offer a Black Friday sale. =)

Who this service is for

>> Anyone planning on pitching their book to agents and editors in 2023

>>Anyone nearing the end of a draft of their WIP who could use some professional feedback on it

>>Anyone who needs a swift kick in the pants to actually get themselves to finish their current draft (you can book the consult for whatever date next year works for you…)

>>Anyone who’s thinking of working with me on a longer project in 2023 (these consults are a great way to see what it’s like to work with me)

>>Anyone looking for a gift for a writer friend that truly says, “I believe in you and want you to succeed.” (Yes, you can purchase one for a friend!).

I’ll send you another email about this on Friday, and then a final one on Monday, but that’s all you’ll hear from me on this–so if you want to take advantage of this special price, do it! 

You can book your consult for $199 here.

Here’s to better stories for a better world–

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