The Story Behind the Story: Hat Trick

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Magic lurks at the margins in the short story I’m releasing to my Patreon subscribers this month–the margins of society (a Rainbow Gathering), the margins of civilization (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), and in the margins between day and night. “Hat Trick” is one of a series of linked stories I’ve been exploring over the last year that are built around a … Read More

You’ve Finished Your Novel. Now What?

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Many beginning writers believe that completing the first draft of a novel means completing the novel; experienced writers know that once the first draft is finished is often where the real work begins, and it sometimes it can feel like falling down the rabbit hole. Which way’s up, and which way’s down? What started off so clear and urgent in … Read More

Monday Muse: Lidia Yuknavitch

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Friends, have you failed? Have you failed so spectacularly that you felt as if some essential part of yourself, something you had always known yourself by, had died? Have you been a victim of cosmic violence–illness, accident, or malice–that, through no fault of your own, irrevocably altered the arc of your life? Have you felt the dreams of your youth … Read More