Hot Season Now Available for Preorder!

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It’s still two months until the official launch date for my debut novel, Hot Season, but as of today, the book is now available for preorder. Hurray! Those of you who favor e-readers will find the Kindle edition available for preorder here. Those of you committed to good old fashioned print will find the print edition available for preorder here. … Read More

Monday Muse: Froelich’s Ladder (Cover Design)

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Jamie Duclos-Yourdon and I have a lot of things in common: we both live in Portland, we’re both members of the venerable writers group known as The Guttery, we both have debut novels coming out this fall, and we both have the same cover designer, Gigi Little. In fact, I like to think of Jamie’s Froelich’s Ladder (which launches August 1st) … Read More

Friday Roundup: Trump Days by George Saunders

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I admire George Saunders as an author not just for his immense artistry but for his moral vision–one that, to my mind, always seeks to balance empathy for the individual with a clear-eyed critique of society. Who better to assess the state of the Union in this immensely divisive election year? Apparently, the New Yorker felt the same, because they … Read More

Political Interlude: An Open Letter to My #StillBernie and #NeverHill Friends

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Today, Robert Reich posted the picture above–which, in light of Bernie Sanders’s recent endorsement, sums up my feelings exactly. But not all of my friends feel the same, especially those younger and to the left of me (which is really quite left indeed). I think there’s a great danger in assuming that everyone who’s on the other side of the … Read More