5 Classic Novels for the Revolution: Southwest Edition

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In my latest for Litreactor, I explore the results of our recent election and the books–including classics by Ed Abbey and Barbara Kingsolver–that will help you make sense of the years to come.

“On Wednesday, November 9, 47.7 percent of the voting populace woke up with the worst hangover in history; 47.5 percent of the voting populace woke up ready to troll some Clinton supportersroll back environmental regulations, and make America white again; and 43.2 of the eligible voting population realized that, hey, they probably should actually vote.

But as activists on the frontlines and people of color have long been aware, big changes in this country have been a long time coming, and they’re sure to shape the days to come.

Consider these five classic books of the Southwest a primer for the revolution.”

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