Listen In: Sunshine

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I’ve got a birthday this week, and I have a tradition of giving gifts on my day. Also, I’ve decided that the best way to share the love that’s been shown to me by my Patreon subscribers over these last few months is to make the audio versions of my stories free to one and all.

So here it is, my gift to you: Sunshine, as read by the author, which clocks in at almost exactly a half hour–download it or stream it, play it on your commute, your jog, your lunch break.

This is a story for everyone who’s ever had their heart broken; everyone who’s ever experienced grief as a kind of paralysis; everyone who has ever cursed the name of cancer; and everyone who has ever loved a dog (a very bad one especially). This story gave Brenda Taulbee the feels and reminded Theresa Elsey Skov of home, and I’m looking forward to hearing what it does for you.

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