New Year, New Project!

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One year ago, I launched a Patreon campaign to support the launch of my debut novel, Hot Season. Now–365 days, 12 book events, and 1 book tour later–I’m embarking on a new adventure: Dream Studies. These 12 speculative tales will blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy while intersecting with issues related to race, gender, class, and the environment. One … Read More

The Story Behind the Story: Hat Trick

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Magic lurks at the margins in the short story I’m releasing to my Patreon subscribers this month–the margins of society (a Rainbow Gathering), the margins of civilization (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), and in the margins between day and night. “Hat Trick” is one of a series of linked stories I’ve been exploring over the last year that are built around a … Read More

The Story Behind the Story: Sunshine

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Marrying your best friend is a beautiful thing. But within those words “till death do us part” is a hard truth: one of you will die first. And the other will be broken by it. There are people who postulate that the evolutionary purpose of stories is to prepare us for threats we have not yet faced. If so, stories … Read More

Wednesday Works in Progress: Night-Blooming Cereus

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This week I’ve started work on a different short story, “Night-Blooming Cereus.” It’s the tale of a woman facing a difficult diagnosis who forms a relationship with an elusive teenager in a place that’s dear to my heart, a little pocket park in Prescott, Arizona. I shifted gears from “Dream Studies” into this project because it’s been one year since … Read More