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"Earth-shatteringly good."

Auspicious Debuts: 7 Recent (Mostly), Excellent Debuts

"[Hot Season is] a really fun read with a complex political issue interwoven into its narrative of three young women—and all in the span of 200 pages—as if Donna Tartt had been edited by Gordon Lish."
--Jonathan Russell Clark

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The Oregonian

"One of 25 Oregon Writers Every Oregonian Must Read"

25 Oregon Writers Every Oregonian Must Read--Assuming You Like Sex, Strange Obsessions, and Yes, Geek Love

"Must-read book; Hot Season."

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The Portland Mercury

"From Franzen on Down, Activist Lit is So Hot Right Now. Portland’s Susan DeFreitas Gets it Right."

Hot Season > Purity

"While an author like Jonathan Franzen might make bemusingly unexamined digs at his squatters and freegans (the equally problematic opposite of mythologizing), DeFreitas strikes a delicate balance, depicting social agitation as, really, what it is: a gradual, infuriating, complex effort performed by smart, dedicated, flawed humans to varying degrees of commitment and success."
--Megan Burbank

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Powell's Books

"A must-read."

2016 Staff Pick

"Steeped in a slow-boil sensuality and the wide-eyed innocence of the young, but also with the suspicion of the status quo, this examination of current climate fears is a must-read."
--Dianah Hughley,

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Arizona Daily Sun

"[A] brisk read with a potent mix of wit and edge."

New books by local authors

"Prescott College graduate and former Prescott resident Susan Defreitas has made a name for herself as a writer and now author with her sharp (and politically timely) first novel, 'Hot Season.'"

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Huffington Post Books

"A stunning debut novel."

Necessary Respite from the Post-Election Blues

"This book will take you back to a time when you still thought you could save the world."
–Melanie Bishop

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Book Nudge (UK)

"A striking story."

Hot Season by Susan DeFreitas

"This is a striking story about living on the fringes and the difficulty of settling on an identity in that fluid moment of young adulthood when everything seems possible."
--Rebecca Foster

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Rain Taxi

"Pleasingly paced and engaging…with a conclusion that rings true."

Hot Season

"You don't graduate from or age out of activism. You find new ways to tell the next story."
--Donna Miele

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