In addition to being an author, I’m a freelance editor and book coach.

With nearly a decade of experience under my belt now, I believe that the role of an independent editor is not simply to improve the manuscript’s chances for success in the marketplace but to help the author achieve his or her unique vision for it.

Genres: Literary, speculative, historical, mystery/thriller, YA.

I’m particularly interested in the following:

  1. Working with authors from historically marginalized backgrounds
  2. Working with stories with the potential to disrupt the toxic narratives of white supremacy, patriarchy, and “capitalism at all costs”

Services: Manuscript evaluation, developmental editing, line editing, and monthly book coaching (six-month minimum). I also offer creative consulting on works in progress.

Please message for rates: susan [at] susandefreitas [dot] com

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“A genius editor.”
–Cathrine A. Hamilton, author of Nine Days

“Susan saved my second book (and maybe my whole series)! She was able to take my first draft, sort through the mess, and find the story I really wanted to tell.”
–Brian Tashima, author of the Joel Suzuki series 

“I just cannot express my appreciation for your editorial work. This book is SOOO much stronger for your eye and wit.” —Aya De Leon, IPPY Award–winning author of the Justice Hustlers series (Kensington)

“If you are in need of an independent developmental editor, I highly recommend Susan DeFreitas. I recently hired her to do a last read on my new novel, and she slayed. Brilliant insight, and not afraid to point out areas that need work.”
–Mo Daviau, author of Every Anxious Wave (St. Martin’s Press)

Revisions are always daunting because the cake has been baked already, but I am excited about making this cake better with help from [your] superb notes.”
–Sierra Cross, author of the Coven of Fire series

“Thank you for all the time, effort, and attention you’ve brought to my book. You do great work, and, as always, I’m grateful for your input. :)”–Maddie DeLange, author of Grayland

“I just went through page 1 of the edit and it’s awesome! There aren’t words to tell you how grateful I am for your help!” —Adria Fulkerson, author of A Trail of Trials

I’ve got a shelf full of craft books but none has ever made me feel as empowered and ready to write as one session with Susan. She understood where I wanted to go with my novel and asked just the right questions to help me understand how to get there. I walked away inspired, excited, confident and motivated.”—Kristin Brown, author Coldwater

“My experience with Susan DeFreitas: months later I’m still dumbfounded by how deep she sees into your story, then takes you up to a high place so you can look down and have a clear vision of what she’s unearthed.”
–Steve Arndt