Breaking Through with Your Final Draft

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There are a lot of online classes for writing fiction. Many of the best–or most popular, at least–are aimed at new writers. Final Draft, my online writing class for LitReactor, starting May 22, has a different target audience: writers who’ve honed their craft, worked hard, and perhaps even put in their ten thousand hours, but have yet to break through … Read More

Submission Strategies for Writers

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If you’re a writer, you know how hard it is to get published. You probably also know that if you’re serious about making it happen, you should be submitting more than you are. After years of taking a fairly half-assed approach to submitting my creative work, I decided to get serious about it (in part because I’m working on a … Read More

An Open Letter to Young Writers

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For anyone young, serious about writing, and anxious about the great gamble that is a career in the arts, I’d like to share a version of a talk I recently gave to the creative writing students of the Interlochen Arts Academy, the boarding school I attended as a teenager, in Northern Michigan. In the final leg of a book tour … Read More