Winner of the 2017 Gold Independent Publishers Association (IPPY) Award for Best Fiction of the Mountain-West.

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An outlaw activist on the run. A pipeline set to destroy a river. And three young women who must decide who to love, who to trust, and what to sacrifice for the greater good.

Based in part on real events in the Northwest and the Southwest in the early Nineties and mid-Aughts, Hot Season explores what Oregon Book Award Winner Cari Luna called “the charged terrain where the youthful search for identity meets the romantic, illicit lure of direct action.”

Hot Season, published by Harvard Square Editions, was released November 1st, 2016. For updates and news on this and future books, join the mailing list.

“From Franzen on down, activist lit is so hot right now. Portland’s Susan DeFreitas gets it right.”
The Portland Mercury

“A brisk read with a potent mix of wit and edge.”
Arizona Daily Sun

“[A] really fun read with a complex political issue interwoven into its narrative of three young women, and all in the span of 200 pages—as if Donna Tartt had been edited by Gordon Lish.”
Read It Forward

“Hot Season is both relevant and prophetic, given how recently, shockingly more perilous our world has become.”
Huffington Post Books

“A stunning book, choked with the beauty of the natural world and our conflicts of how to manage both it and our desires.”
—Rene Denfeld, author of The Enchanted

“Literature not only deploys the lexicon of empathy, but is quite possibly one of the few languages left that can still interrupt monostories of power. As far as examples go, Hot Season is fucking fantastic.”
—Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Book of Joan

“In Susan DeFreitas’s riveting debut, the desert landscape looms large over the dreams and desires of three friends contending with big questions—such as who to love, who to trust, and what to sacrifice for the greater good. A tale of youth, lust, and activism, Hot Season is a beguiling college novel in the tradition of The Secret History.”
—Mo Daviau, author of Every Anxious Wave

“The characters of Susan DeFreitas’s exuberant new novel populate the American Southwest with wit and pathos. Half collegiate romp and half impassioned plea, Hot Season is a heartfelt debut that will grip readers with the fervor of first love.”
—Jamie Duclos-Yourdon, author of Froelich’s Ladder

“Susan DeFreitas’s powerful, timely novel asks big questions—not only about water rights and the importance of riparian corridors in the West, but about what it means to fight for the natural world. Young and idealistic, her characters are vulnerable, intricately rendered, and utterly engaging. Hot Season is a knockout.”
—Michaela Carter, author of Further Out Than You Thought

“Steeped in a slow-boil sensuality and the wide-eyed innocence of the young, but also with the suspicion of the status quo, this examination of current climate fears is a must-read.”
Powell’s Books, 2016 Staff Pick

“This is a striking story about living on the fringes and the difficulty of settling on an identity in that fluid moment of young adulthood when everything seems possible.”
Book Nudge (UK)

“Relavant to things that [we’re] are seeing in the news right now…digital privacy, and how the Patriot Act has affected people who are protesting and participating in politics.”

“Enjoy the gorgeous prose and thought-provoking narrative in HOT SEASON, and wait for the next novel from this talented writer.”
EcoLit Books

“DeFreitas gives us a moment on the timeline of our lives–when, over a four-year span, we grow from someone in search of an identity into fully formed humans with ideas, opinions, true friends and a wisdom often gleaned from our own stupidity.”
Carmel Magazine

“A beautiful book that asks the crucial question, is it worse to destroy a dam or to destroy a river? Which is to say, how do we live our conscience on a crowded, corrupted planet? DeFreitas has captured what it means to be coming of age in a tangle of love, politics, and environmental degradation.”
—Monica Drake, author of The Folly of Loving Life

Hot Season, Susan DeFreitas’s finely wrought debut novel, explores the charged terrain where the youthful search for identity meets environmental activism and the romantic, illicit lure of direct action. A compelling book.”
—Cari Luna, author of The Revolution of Every Day

“In Hot Season, Susan DeFreitas debuts a striking novel that reaches beyond its Southwestern landscape and touches on the universal. Her activist characters are driven equally—and compellingly—by their passions and their flaws, and the resulting narrative is one that’s lustful, political, tremendous fun, and unafraid of tackling difficult questions.”
—Tracy Manaster, author of You Could Be Home by Now

“DeFreitas’s voice is irresistible-funny and whip smart and dead-on. Come listen. — David Long, author of The Inhabited World

City of Weird

“Terrific, very moving and well-written (and a little spooky)…”
—Jess Walter, author of #1 New York Times best-seller Beautiful Ruins
on “The Mind-Body Problem” (from City of Weird)

Contributors: Stevan Allred, Jonah Barrett, Doug Chase, Sean Davis, Susan DeFreitas, Rene Denfeld, Dan DeWeese, Art Edwards, Stefanie Freele, Jonathan Hill, Justin Hocking, Jeff Johnson, Leigh Anne Kranz, Kirsten Larson, B. Frayn Masters, Kevin Meyer, Karen Munro, Linda Rand, Brian Reid, Bradley K. Rosen, Nicole Rosevear, Mark Russell, Kevin Sampsell, Jason Squamata, Andrew Stark, Adam Strong, Suzy Vitello, Leslie What, Brigitte Winter, and Leni Zumas.

City of Weird: 30 Otherworldly Portland Tales, edited by Gigi Little, conjures what we fear: death, darkness, ghosts. Hungry sea monsters and alien slime molds. Blood drinkers and game show hosts. Set in Portland, Oregon, these thirty original stories blend imagination, literary writing, and pop culture into a cohesive weirdness that honors the city’s personality, its bookstores and bridges and solo volcano, as well as the tradition of sci-fi pulp magazines.

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