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Coming November 1st, 2016! The debut novel from Harvard Square Editions.

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In the tinder-dry Southwest, a few natural species, pyrophites, manage to tolerate the intense heat of wildfires—even need it to survive.

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Susan DeFreitas has never been able to choose between fantasy and reality, so she lives and writes in both. Born and raised in rural west Michigan, she spent fourteen years in the high country of Arizona before moving to Portland, Oregon, where she has lived since 2009. An author, editor, and educator, her work has been featured in over 30 magazines, journals, and anthologies. She enjoys mysterious books, big trees, strange weather, thinking machines, and sketchy characters.

She writes science fiction under SDeFreitas Timmons.


On Friday, August 12 at the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, I’ll be presenting The Live Editing Lab–a chance for writers to improve their work and test their self-editing chops before meeting with agents and editors at the conference. I’ll also be consulting with clients throughout the day, and hosting a happy hour at 5 pm (more updates soon). If you’re at the conference, stop by and say hello! More info: http://willamettewriters.org
In this class, we’ll examine “irreducible images” in the work of authors like Stephen King, Jeff Vandermeer, and Angela Carter that have their roots in the archetypes of myth and dream (as established by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung). We’ll also take a look at how such archetypes–and dream images of our own–can help us create stronger, stranger, more compelling fiction. This class is ideal for writers of speculative fiction but open to all.
Offered by the Attic Institute; info and registration:
In this five-week workshop, which meets on Mondays from 5:15 to 7:15 pm, we’ll venture beyond the typical concerns of the fiction workshop to address the way editors and agents will view your work. Participants will learn how to approach their creative work from two different perspectives — that of the editor and that of the writer — and make the best possible use of critical feedback, with an eye toward producing publishable work. Offered by the Attic Institute; info and registration:

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